AT THE TAIL END OF A MONTH of stuffing your face with animal products, going vegan can seem like a refreshing change of pace while staying in line with your new year’s goals to “be more healthy” (whatever that means).  

So, you vow to eschew beef, cheese, pork, eggs, fish, and more. Then reality sets in and you realize that subsisting on grains and vegetables may be boring and bland. Or will it? Here are my five favorite vegan dishes in Houston that could convince you to commit to this lifestyle full time.

Vegan Ramen, Jinya Ramen Bar

“How is there NOT cream in this?” is perhaps the most common reaction from those trying Jinya’s cloudy, rich vegan vegetable broth swimming with thick-cut noodles, green onion, spinach, and tofu. The answer, perhaps, lies in the addition of garlic and chili oils, which bolster the richness and increase the spice factor. A dusting of fried onions, garlic chips, and sesame seeds round out the otherwise silky soup with pops of crunch.


Authentic ramen and a great investment can be hard to find.
But at JINYA Ramen Bar, we have both.

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