There’s a reason Marcel Vigneron’s restaurant, Wolf, is on our Ten Best New Restaurants in L.A. list. It’s good. No, it’s great. In fact, stop reading this and go try his beet salad.
Marcel was kind enough to carve out a few minutes with us to share his favorite things to eat around the city.

The JINYA Tonkotsu Black from JINYA Ramen Bar

JINYA Ramen Bar is near W 3rd. I used to live right behind there, so I would always go there. Last time I was there, David Chang was there sitting having ramen. My favorite dish is the JINYA Tonkotsu Black – pork broth: pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, seasoned egg, garlic chips, garlic oil, fried onion, spicy sauce and served with thin noodles. Broth has a nice feel. Meat isn’t too fatty and just enough. Great texture on the noodles. Service is great. They’ve always been really nice to me.


Authentic ramen and a great investment can be hard to find.
But at JINYA Ramen Bar, we have both.

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