Who cares if we don’t have -20 degree wind chill factors or 17in of snow on the ground? When the temperature plummets into the mid-50s with rain pelting down, San Diegans howl about our winter weather along with the rest of the country. Rather than hibernating under a blanket with your remote targeted on your Netflix queue, head out to one of the ramen places that have popped up all over the city for the perfect antidote to winter’s wrath. Of all the bowls we’ve slurped and sipped, these seven shops make the cut for our favorite chill chasers.





JINYA Ramen Bar’s motto, “Real Japanese ramen isn’t about the noodles, it’s about the broth,” isn’t just a catchphrase. Slowly simmered for more than 10 hours, the broths are a combination of whole pork bones, chicken, or vegetables with bonito, dashi, and kombu. Varieties include tonkotsu, spicy, garlic, umami miso, and chicken-based broths, and a creamy, delectable vegan broth, fragrant with sesame paste, that could tempt a hardcore carnivore to convert to a veggie diet. All ramen bowls can be made into a combo with the addition of items like crispy chicken, pork gyoza, salad, or curry rice. Sake enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the milky, slightly sweet, unfiltered JINYA house-made sake, served chilled.


Authentic ramen and a great investment can be hard to find.
But at JINYA Ramen Bar, we have both.

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